Forestier Paris – THESEE Collection

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Brand: Forestier Paris

Designed by David Fabbri, THÉSÉE is a collection featuring a pendant, table and floor lamp that gently diffuse ambient light and combine materials such as black marble and linen.

Drawing on the wisdom of Japanese Wabi-Sabi that denotes the beauty of imperfection and the geometry of Ancient Greek temples based upon the proportions of the human body, the series of calming lightings float and stand like soothing totems in space, handcrafted out of timeless noble materials.

To give the lampshades a unique character, the designer called on Kasia Woznica-Raulin, a specialist in vegetal dyeing to naturally pigment the handmade linen weave into colours including Terracotta, Graphite and Tonka. The patterns evoke contemporary painting, notably through brush and dripping effects. Thanks to this handcrafted technique, each lampshade with its exclusive motifs becomes a unique piece.

Different dimension available on request.