CFOC – CHAI Stool Table

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Brand: CFOC

The Chai stool in enamelled stoneware, finds its place inside the house, on a terrace or in the garden. It can be used as a seat, end of sofa or side table. Made by craftsmen from the province of Guangdong, famous for its refined pottery and ceramics, its base is coloured while the upper part is available in white (for the small model, it is the opposite). This pouf or table is made with a double or triple enamel; the glaze is obtained by letting the enamel run off at the time of cooking, which creates a small speckled effect at the base of the seat. Thanks to the strength of the ceramic, the Chai stool is weather resistant.

Designer: CFOC Paris

Material: 100% Glazed Stoneware

Colour: Kaki green white / Aqua white / Black white

Care & Cleaning: Each stool is handcrafted, with imperfections that make it beautiful, respecting traditional techniques and according to high quality requirements.
Clean with a dry or damp cloth.