“Materials are at the core of everything we do at New Works. To create sculptural objects that have their own voice, whilst complementing each other; honest materiality is key.”

Here are their core values:


We believe in respecting the natural qualities of materials as both an inspiration, and as a guide when creating our collection. Honouring the individual qualities that each material contributes to the design. From the strength of marble, to the warmth of oak.


We collaborate with artists and designers that share our obsession with detail, and who strive to discover new forms, materials and textures in the world around them. Together, our experiments aim to provide a new vocabulary for contemporary art and design.


Design is to be touched and held, to encircle you, whether through dappled light or a warm embrace. To best represent the materials and techniques used to create our objects, we believe it is vital to retain their original roughness. The true statement of character that comes from within.


A fusion of our own craft traditions, and experiments into various techniques from around the world, allows our pieces to push the boundaries of material and form. Challenging the perceptions of craft, whilst retaining the touch of the craftsman through to each final object.